Our Suppliers

We work closely with our suppliers to make sure that every customer enjoys the freshest oysters, served only when they are in season, locally reared meat, freshly baked bread and the finest selection of wines. Find out about where we source our ingredients here.

Rossmore Oysters

All the Jersey oysters supplied by Rossmore Oysters are harvested from the Royal Bay of Grouville, on the east coast of Jersey. The main growing area covers approximately 35 hectares in total, which has two main holding areas, which are smaller sites closer to shore. The area they source these oysters from in a good year may produce 50 million oysters.
The oysters spend at least half the day exposed when the tide is out to “harden” them off. They are kept in this area for at least two weeks before being sent to the depuration plant in Sussex, to get them used to being out of the water and ensure only minimal stress levels during transport. This ensures that the oysters are both strong enough to survive shipping, and also they are trained, so last much better when packed into our wooden boxes. All the oysters are packed on their cupped shells, and are tightly strapped to help retain the water in the shells, giving them a longer shelf life.

Richard Haward’s Oysters

Richard Haward has been working on the water for most of his life. He took on the family tradition of oyster fishing full-time when he was eighteen. In a world of instant results, oysters swim against that tide and are cultivated through patience, care and attention. The oysters are dredged from the River Blackwater and laid on the oyster beds, where they are given time to fatten and strengthen. The oyster beds are tidal, thus as the tide comes in, so do rich nutrients from the marshland. The end result is a local oyster with wonderful flavour.

Lindisfarne Oysters

The Lindisfarne Oyster Farm lies on the site of the oyster beds established by the Monks of Lindisfarne Priory. The Rev James Raine recorded evidence in “History and Antiquities of North Durham” to suggest that the oyster beds were originally founded in 1381, when the Monks bought an oyster filled boat from a Scotsman for 100 shillings. He deduced that prior to that date there were no local oysters and theorised that the very purchase started off the Monks own oyster farm. In 1881, the land belonged to Lord Tankerville, who employed a man called Thomas Bowey to manage the rediscovered oyster beds.
In 1953 John Sutherland started farming at Ross, between Bamburgh and Holy Island, and he and his wife Heather began farming oysters in 1989, after he noticed oyster shells at a low tide. In 2003 Christopher and Helen Sutherland took over Lindisfarne Oysters, which continues to remain as a family run business.

MCB Seafoods

MCB Seafoods are a family owned small business operating out of Newhaven with access to over 50 boats landing fish in the channel. We have been doing business on and off with the family for many years.

Brighton Newhaven Fish Sales

Brighton Newhaven Fish Sales began as a fish market in 1975, serving the needs of the local fishing fleet, and have been operating a fish market on their current site since 1989. BNFS deliver the finest fish and shellfish to English’s daily, caught locally in Shoreham Harbour.

Burt Family Butchers

Burt Family Butchers have been around for over 25 years, and we’re very pleased to add them to the list of local suppliers providing us with fantastic produce. Based in Bexhill, East Sussex, this family-run business sources the finest quality meat

Flint Owl

Flint Owl Bakery specialise in long fermented breads made from the finest flours, water and sea salt – and that’s it. No chemical additives, improvers or fats get anywhere near the dough. The breads are all handcrafted from scratch and baked in small batch sizes using ingredients that are organic and of only the highest quality. At Flint Owl they don’t cut corners for the sake of production, which translates into breads that are both delicious and wholesome, and also uniquely characterful. Once baked each morning, they deliver the bread fresh from the ovens to English’s.
The naturally leavened bread is made using a starter or leaven that is over 45 years old and originates from the French Alps. By keeping the leaven fed daily, the starter will keep for many years and provide one of the essential ingredients for thousands of loaves to come. The sourdough is made using a traditional slow fermentation process which can take up to 24 hours from flour to finished loaf, and involves the skill and experience to ensure that every batch is at its very best.

Passione Vino

Passione Vino literally means passion for wine and, for over a decade, its founders, Luca Dusi and Federico Brushetta, have demonstrated their passionate love for the wine making traditions and culture of Italy. Although Luca and Federico come from very different backgrounds, they both share a deep and abiding love for wine and everything around it, alongside a particular affinity for handcrafted wines made by smaller, artisan producers.
So, on the 1st of August 2003, Passione Vino was born, out of a determined and unshakable philosophy to seek out the undiscovered, rare and traditional wine makers from all over Italy and to promote their expertly crafted products, to provide the most resonant examples of every wine that best reflects every sub-region’s particular culture, geography and terroir, whilst delivering uncompromising quality and taste.

Roberson Wine

As an independent specialist, Roberson Wines strive to offer the best wine in the best way they can. They list hundreds of quality wines from outstanding producers all over the world, and their wines cover the whole spectrum of prices, styles and regions, but what they all have in common is character and substance. They seek out producers and wines they like that speak of place and individuality.

Scoop & Crumb

A wonderful local ice-cream supplier, just round the corner from us. We have taken great pains to try more of the ice creams makers in the area (what a hard life we lead) and in our opinion Scoop and Crumb wins hands down.